The importance of getting a home survey
  • Ensures you are fully informed of the condition of a property before purchase.
  • Provides professional advice for any repairs and associated costs for budgeting purposes or in order to negotiate a price reduction.
  • Low cost/high benefit when compared with the costs associated with even the smallest repairs.
Choosing the right survey


Condition Report

Building Survey





Suited for smaller/simpler/newer buildings in reasonable condition.

Suited for larger, complex, older buildings, for buildings in run down condition or if planning building works.


General overview of the construction and condition of different parts of the building using “traffic light” condition rating system

A thorough inspection and detailed report on a wider range of construction issues. Use of “traffic light” condition rating system


Highlights urgent, serious, hazardous problems

Detailed visual examination with aim to establish how the property is built, materials and future performance.


Identifies items that need further investigation

A description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws


Advice on planning, building control legal issues and guarantees

Outlines repair options and a budget for repairs or renovation works.


No market valuation or reinstatement costs.

Advice on planning, building control, legal issues and guarantees



No market valuation or reinstatement costs.


Bespoke service
  • I aim to provide a personal service with clear and concise reports answering the key questions that are relevant to your individual property and requirements.
  • I will ensure the report does not leave you with a long list of recommendations for further specialist advice. I will answer all your questions in key areas such as: the roof, cracks to walls, asbestos, damp, electrics, plumbing, central heating etc.
  • I will be more than happy to provide further advice or assistance should a client have any follow up questions. A survey can also be tailored if you have any specific requirements such as advice on refurbishment, feasibility and costs of any internal or external alterations.
surveying cracks
Internal crack to bay window – Victorian villa
Penetrating damp in walls - Victorian villa
Penetrating damp in walls – Victorian villa